Through our love of reading pupils develop and learn to:
  • Enjoy reading a wide range of texts: stories, poetry, plays, non-fiction texts etc.
  • Recommend & discuss different texts with others
  • Listen to a range of different readers (adults and children) to develop our reader ‘voice’


For pupils to make sense of what they are reading they develop comprehension skills by learning the VIPERS skills in reading lessons.

V – Vocabulary

Pupils discuss new vocabulary, subject-specific vocabulary and interesting language choices made by the author.

I – Infer

Inference skills are developed for pupils to use evidence from the text to justify their responses. 

P – Predict

Pupils predict what might happen in a text based on the details given and implied.

E – Explain

Pupils develop their skills to explain how meaning is enhanced through language choice; identify themes and patterns that may arise; and explain how the content is related and contributes to the overall meaning of a text.

R – Retrieval

Pupils retrieve and record information and identify key details from fiction and non-fiction texts.

S – Summarise

Pupils use their understanding of a text to identify and summarise the main ideas from more than one paragraph.





Home Reading Journals
Each week, we ask the children to record 3 comments in their home reading journals, based on what they have read and linked with our Reading VIPERS. 

100 Book Challenge
At Southway, we love reading. Take a look at our 100 Book Challenge, where we challenge pupils to read as many of our recommended books as possible. For every 5 books read, a certificate will be awarded.